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FUN Team Bios

FUN Team Bios



Pam Hightower hails from the beautiful South and started her Campus Rec career at the University of Alabama.  She then moved to University of Florida as a GA and quickly transitioned into a full-time professional staff member.  While at UF she was the Fusion champion, learning, maximizing, and knowing all that is Fusion. Pam joined InnoSoft in early 2016 and her real-world experience has been a huge benefit in the continued development of the software. Pam leads the Education department with the prime directive of teaching and educating our clients to fully leverage all that Fusion has to offer.  When not behind her computer, training clients, or laughing with co-workers, you can find Pam behind the wheel of her RV with her trusty companion, Ruby by her side

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Tara Weber also joined InnoSoft directly from Campus Rec. Her journey in Rec began as an undergrad at the University of South Florida, acting as a lifeguard and cycling instructor. She then worked with the University of South Florida - St Petersburg as a graduate assistant in Fitness and Facilities. It was there she had the chance to assist in her first implementation of Fusion. Then the West called and Tara answered. Her next stop took her to the Colorado School of Mines as a Facilities and Aquatics Intern where, once again, she also had a role in implementing Fusion. Clearly, Tara knows what it takes to help you launch Fusion and get the most of out it. Tara joined InnoSoft in 2016 and quickly became a client favorite her with contagious smile, outgoing personality, and her love of recreation. A keen lover of the great outdoors, Tara has been known to hop on a bike with clients after the classroom sessions have ended. You'll recognize Tara as the star of the Fusion Summit registration page, showing off her Fusion pride along with her love of mountain biking. When the snow flies Tara doesn't stop, she trades her bike in for a snowboard and can be found riding the glades, dodging trees.

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Kristi Levanduski started her career in Campus Rec at The Ohio State University before moving to Middle Tennessee State University as a GA. She then stepped into the full-time position of Member Services Coordinator at the University of Colorado - Boulder. After relocating back home to Ohio, she rejoined her alma mater at The Ohio State University once again as Member Services Coordinator. Kristi joined the InnoSoft team in early 2018 and literally hit the road running, as she played a key part in the first ever Fusion Roadshow. Kristi was instrumental in implementing Fusion at Middle Tennessee and again as a member of the professional staff at Ohio State. She also managed the software while working for Member Services at the University of Colorado - Boulder. Kristi is an integral part of our Education & Training team and loves helping our clients. Kristi works remotely but is never alone with her faithful dog Neville always close by. When not helping clients, Kristi likes to pass the time with jigsaw puzzles, cross stitching, and playing card games. 

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Merna Ghabbour After living and working in South Korea as an English teacher for two years, Merna realized just how much she loved teaching. As the newest addition to the InnoSoft education team, Merna feels right at home as she’s been able to marry her love for recreation and teaching. Merna brings with her the customer element. As someone who leads a very active lifestyle and spends a great amount of time in the gym, she has been able to utilize her experience as a customer when understanding Fusion from both a staff perspective and a customer’s perspective. When Merna isn’t in the office, she’s most likely planning her next adventure. With a total of 28 countries under her belt, she’s always looking for a new country to visit. And when she’s not traveling or thinking about traveling, you can find her doing CrossFit. And, yes, she does talk about CrossFit a lot.

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